Disentanglement puzzle

This is my take on a classic rope and ring disentanglement puzzle. The goal is to separate the ring (the light colored one) from the puzzle strings. As with most disentanglement puzzles, the solution isn’t intuitive. Puzzle Solutions for the Disentanglement Listing puzzle. Puzzles Without Solutions In the preface, Yu Chong’en expresses gratitude to Ruan Liuqi, an old Suzhou craftsman who made and sold traditional Chinese wire disentanglement puzzles. Following is the story of puzzle maker Ruan Liuqi, as told by his third son Ruan Genquan. Mar 09, 2018 · Disentanglement puzzles come in different varieties and choice of materials. There are the metal tavern type puzzles and wire puzzles (usually thick heavy wire twisted together). Then there are the wooden ones with ropes and/or combination of ropes and wires. There are also those made frombamboo which I call jungle puzzles.