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Dhamma Talks. Leading The Path Of Transformation. Going Solo: 7 Tips for a Successful Psychology Practice. May 16, 2019 Psychology. 1 in 4 Britons will experience a ... This is the English section of . To Absolutism… from the dualism… religion, race, status, beliefs, language or any other label will not become a barrier, as long as you are truly seeking for the truth... The dhamma talks of Ajahn Chah have been recorded, transcribed and translated into several languages. More than one million people, including the Thai royal family , attended Ajahn Chah's funeral in January 1993 [5] held a year after his death due to the "hundreds of thousands of people expected to attend". [3] Home > Audio Library > Dhamma Talks and Teachings > Theravada Dhamma Talks Theravada Dhamma Talks 07Purpose_Meaning_Life.mp3 The Purpose and Meaning of Life 4614 views Finding purpose and meaning in life Dhamma Talks on the Buddha’s Teaching All of these talks are given by Buddhist monks ordained in the Theravada Buddhist tradition. They explain the teachings of the Buddha exactly as found in the ancient scriptures known as the Sutta Pitaka .