Phoenix arms hp22 vs hp22a

Aug 01, 2017 · Phoenix Arms HP22 - SAFETY MODS WILL DO THIS!!! ... Phoenix Arms HP22 HP22A- SIMPLE Field Strip TRICK ... Safety mods for the Phoenix Arms .22 pistol... still safe! Just faster safe! They are available in nickel- or blued finish. The HP22 is designed for use with standard-velocity .22 Long Rifle only. Accessories. Phoenix Arms also markets a "Target Kit" for the HP22A/HP25A that includes an interchangeable 5 inch barrel and a magazine with an extended finger rest. References Comfortable in your hand, the Phoenix Arms HP22A Compact Pistol is lightweight and has adjustable sights to give you the comfort, control and accuracy you desire. Great for female shooters and small-statured individuals, this Phoenix Arms HP22A Compact Pistol is perfect for self defense, target shooting and small game hunting too.