Best powder for cap and ball revolver

Apr 12, 2018 · Pour powder down the barrel, then a cloth patch, then up to three cigarette papers to increase the patch thickness, then a round ball. It worked really well and tightened up my groups and the cloth patch kept the paper from catching fire. You can find our guns for sale at any Bond Arms dealer. You can find derringers for sale by our dealers here. Where Can I get Derringer Accessories? While most of our dealers carry accessories for our guns you can also order them in the Bond Arms online Store. Also, make sure to check out our Bond Arms Coupons and Specials. Hyatt sells black powder rifles. ... Colt 1860 Army Civilian 44 Caliber Black Powder Revolver - Used in Very Good Condition with Box Old ensford is a better grade of black powder but it is black powder. I would try 2f but in the cap and ball revolvers 3 f is popular. If a cap and ball revolver then 2 or 3 f powder and number 11 percussion caps. Pyrodex is a substitute that will also work. Not sure on triple seven blackhorn or some of the others. Modern handgunners have it soft. All they really need is a gun, some ammunition, a place to go, and they can shoot. In the Good Old Days things weren’t so simple: making a cap-and-ball revolver go BANG took a bit of work and a fair amount of kit.