Pool backwash valve

VALVE & BACKWASH. Diverter & Check Valves; Hayward Backwash Valves; Jandy Backwash Valves; Jandy Never Lube Valves; Pentair Backwash Valves; Unions and Couplings; Waterways Backwash Valves; Warranty & Return; Your Shipment; Pool Accessories. Brushes/Scrubbers; Leaf Skimmers; Maindrain Cover; Solar Blankets; Thermometers; Underwater Glue; Vacuum ... The valve is just that, a multiple porting valve for the water. Typically you have several options for operation of your multi-port, they tend to be filter, backwash, rinse, winterize, drain/waste, and recirculate/whirlpool (names may vary based on manufacturer). The job of the multiport is simply to tell your water where you want it to go. Here are the steps to a standard backwash: Step 1: Turn off pool equipment at the main power switch. Step 2: For slide valves - turn backwash handle and pull the valve piston straight up to the backwash position or for multiport valves – push handle down and rotate valve to the backwash position (see pictures A & B below)