An expert in the science of chronology

Experts at the University of Washington. Below is a list of experts on various topics at the UW. If you don’t see the topic you’re looking for, please contact someone on our staff. For medical experts, see UW Medicine Newsroom. We’re always looking to expand our experts lists. History is the study of the human past as it is described in written documents left behind by humans. The past, with all of its complicated choices and events, participants dead and history told, is what the general public perceives to be the immutable bedrock on which historians and archaeologists stand. Imagine a world in which horses of all colors, shapes, and sizes roamed the world, some barely larger than a small dog. That world no longer exists--but once it was real. Today's horses represent just one tiny twig on an immense family tree that spans millions of years. All the other branches of the ... Japan's History with Science and Technology Diplomacy. On August 19, 2011, the Japanese government issued the 4th Science and Technology Basic Plan, a five-year national strategy on science, technology, and innovation with the outlook for the coming decade. Dec 20, 2019 · Forensic science is a critical element of the criminal justice system. Forensic scientists examine and analyze evidence from crime scenes and elsewhere to develop objective findings that can assist in the investigation and prosecution of perpetrators of crime or absolve an innocent person from suspicion.